investment service

We prepare BIM models for the investment process. The models are used to measure the scope of investment (BOQ) covered by the tender, to support General Contractor in the implementation process and for facility management purposes. Currently we support WARBUD Inc. company during the construction of the Museum of Modern Art (Warsaw, the Parade Square). We provide the BIM Manager service, a multi-branch model, collision reporting and updating of design solutions. Additional functionality of the model is the ability to schedule work and order materials.

BIM documentation

Each of our projects is developed as a BIM model which level of detail depends on design purpose. The most advanced models are developed to LOD350 detail level which allow collision reporting, investment measuring (BOQ), work scheduling and later facility management. For larger projects, we offer the BIM Manager service and we prepare dedicated optimization scripts.


We offer implementation of BIM technology for Investors and General Contractors. In the first step we prepare analyses of company`s resources and capabilities, based on which we are able to define the goal and the wright method of implementation – pilot project or consulting service. The effect of the implementation is the possibility of independent use of technology by our client.