At Foroom, each project is developed as a BIM model from the initial conceptual stages to construction and execution documentation, all the way to acceptance documentation. We collaborate with other studios to create multidisciplinary models. These comprehensive models provide insights into all functional and technical aspects of the project, streamlining the design process and facilitating real-time reporting of clashes, project scoping, and work scheduling. We tailor the level of detail in the models to suit specific needs and purposes. Our most advanced models are created at LOD350, allowing for facility management (FM) and comprehensive control of the building. For larger projects, we offer the services of a dedicated BIM Manager and develop custom scripts for optimizing solutions.

In addition, we offer the creation of multidisciplinary BIM models for the Design & Build process, serving as measurements for tendered investment scopes, execution models for General Contractors, and models for facility management (FM) by end-users. Our services include the provision of a multidisciplinary BIM model, clash reporting, and continuous updates to design solutions as construction progresses. Our BIM Managers ensure seamless coordination and full control over the model, facilitating effective inter-disciplinary collaboration. Furthermore, our models provide additional functionalities such as work scheduling, material ordering, and site management information.

We utilize the Autodesk Revit software environment in our studio.