Projekt rozbudowy Kampusu

A conceptual design task focused on expanding one of Warsaw’s university campuses.

The project aimed to create an educational and residential HUB, responding to the university management’s need for additional teaching, co-educational, and co-working spaces, combined with housing for individuals on academic or professorial contracts.

The objective was to reimagine the urban spaces within the campus, opening them up to the surrounding streets and squares. New functional and visual connections were to be established, blending the dual functions of education and housing into a single modern building that preserves the unique character of the location. The expansion of the building’s frontage would ensure a seamless flow of pedestrian movement, avoiding functional barriers and integrating the building with its patio. The design approach emphasized the concept of openness to cater to the needs of the local community in both urban planning and architectural aspects.

Inspired by the post-industrial ambiance of the city center, the architecture incorporated elements of brick, steel, and glass found in the surrounding pre-war buildings. The rhythmic facades and concrete structures echoed the industrial heritage of the nearby factories.

The project maintained the existing frontage, organizing the building around an atrium with a public patio. Parking facilities were moved underground, allowing for efficient functional divisions within the building and the use of locally sourced materials.

The building’s design reflected its functional duality. The lower section, centered around an internal patio, concealed the educational spaces, including lecture rooms, auditoriums, and small group study areas. As the building aimed to become the new focal point of the campus, additional amenities such as dining spaces on the ground floor and a rooftop café designed as a winter garden were incorporated. The upper section comprised small rental apartments, all oriented towards the city center with expansive views.