Our design task was the new headquarters and factory for Obram (TETRA PAK group) a global leader in the food packaging production.

Over 25 million EUR was invested by the company to purchase the Obram, to construct the new facility and for the launch of the world’s most modern equipment production line for the cheese industry. The Obram production plant is located in Tomaszków near Olsztyn, next to newly opened highway on the top of a local hill. Selected location emphasizes the rank of the building, its architectural value and gives users the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the local landscape, with surrounding forests and the lake.

By the high quality of used materials and interesting entrance arrangement the object stands out of similar facilities. The facade has a rare system of external horizontal blinds enclosed in vertical frames and rotating in relation to the vertical axis. That solutions increases the aesthetics aspect of the building, gives it un unique character and fulfills the function of a thermal regulator. When the sun is high the blinds shade the windows, protecting the interior from overheating but in the winter, we have an option to rotate the blinds and add solar energy profit to overall energy balance. The facade is made with large amount of metal which emphasizes the business profile of the company. Obram mainly deals with the high-speed processing of stainless steel. In accordance to the policy of TETRA PAK, the facility was made entirely of durable materials that retain their aesthetics for years. The façade of office part is made with cement fiber, glass and aluminum panels. The entrance is highlighted by a small courtyard leading to a spacious, well-lit hall. The building division in to office, social and production zones is simple and clear.

The main goal during the design process was to fit in the implementation budget which the design team managed to achieve without giving up the key elements for aesthetics and functional values.

The building obtained a very good result in the BREAM IN USE certification.