Osiedle mieszkaniowe Wyszków

Our design task was the concept of a complex of multi-family buildings with services on the ground floor level and underground garages, located at Komisji Edukacji Narodowej street (Wyszków). In accordance with the guidelines, we designed an extended housing estate of various character and scale.

One of the first design decisions was to mark out the main compositional axis of the housing estate in the form of a walking promenade. The promenade begins on the square at Komisji Edukacji Narodowej street and it continues to the town square which is the life center of local residents. From this square, the promenade along with additional functions, turns south in direction of 3 Maja street, running towards the recreational areas located in alleyway. The promenade is accompanied by small and meandering pedestrian routes which meets in the central square and divides the area into three quarters. Despite of the unified architecture, each of the quarters has its own individual character.

From an urbanistic point of view, the area is bound by two dominants. The first dominant is the 5-storey block at the entrance to the estate from the side of Komisji Edukacji Narodowej street which task is to invite people inside. The second dominant is the 8-storey building standing at the center of the estate, near square, which unambiguously indicates the central place of the housing estate by connecting individual communication routes. Dominants have been distinguished in the architecture of the housing estate by using more sophisticated materials and larger glass surfaces at the corners.