The structure is situated in the Służewiec district. Its color scheme, minimalist design, and finishing pay homage to the industrial history of this part of Warsaw. The building’s form is shaped in a nearly square plan, with a variable height that cascades downwards towards Postępu Street. In the center of the complex lies a courtyard, seamlessly connected to the public space through a passage that runs through the building. This layout ensures a clear division between the public and private areas. The ground floor houses commercial units and a lobby that serves as the main entrance and connects the internal circulation. The façades feature a regular pattern of balconies and windows, creating an intricate lattice-like pattern, dynamically highlighted by the interplay of light and shadow in the balcony section. The building is undergoing BREEAM certification, incorporating energy-saving solutions such as photovoltaic panels on the roof for energy generation and rainwater harvesting for irrigation purposes. A significant portion of the roofs is covered in greenery, promoting water retention and reducing heat absorption during the summer months to mitigate the urban heat island effect. Cyclists are catered to with added amenities, including designated bicycle parking spaces, and the garage provides charging facilities for electric vehicles.